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<< I have had So Many requests to Post the works and a biography of Master
Ragnar Ulfgunnerson to the Bardic Fire that I am currently working on a
section of his works. I need help with the Biogrophy page for the site.
 I only had the oppertunity to Meet Master Ragnar beriefly, And do not fell
that I knew him well enough to write a bio without your help.
 I would be grateful if members of the populace and His Barony would be so
Kind as to Provide Information on his life and Accomplishments with in the
scoicity to  be posted on the Bardic fire Website if appropriate.

There is a web page already in place in memory of Master Ragnar.   
<A HREF="">What Heroes Do: The
Works of Ragnar  Ulfgarsson</A> 

It's a part of the Bjornsborg Web Page.

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