SR - In case you were wondering about r(R)egional events

Donal & Sosha catsden at
Thu Mar 18 17:08:14 PST 1999

Lynol wrote

>I think this attitude serves no purpose but to undermine our potential 
regional events.  Kingdom events need not be sponsored by a major
of the kingdom nor--in any extant principality in the SCA--do 
principality events require a committee of multiple subgroups.  A
group should run an event.  Cooperative efforts between groups--no 
matter how much they may love one another and identify with one 
another--are logistical nightmares.

lo vostre por vos server
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace>

We are talking about a region that needs a bit more cohesion.  This
attitude of "I can do it with out help, yours included, brother/Coz"
will not bring that about any faster.  If working with another group
in this age of instantaneous information and dialogue, consists of a
logistics nightmare, than something is not working right.  
You are more than welcome to express your opinion to you Seneschal
before the regional Seneschal's meeting.  Please do.  However a policy
will be set at this meeting so make your voice known before hand.  

Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke
(who has autocrat over ten events herself without and with help)
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