SR - Meeting at R.Fort

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Fri Mar 19 07:12:16 PST 1999

HL Timo Penned:

I'm glad to report that Their Excellencies (David and Crystal), Our
Seneschal (HL Yoshi), and the Steward (Ldy Kezia) have all agreed to having
a "Southern-Regional Meeting and General Idea Toss Around" at "A Day in a
Manor" .

So the option is open. A definte time hasnt been set yet, as Ldy Kezia has
to take a look at the other schedualed activites first.....


Hey Timo (or anyone else in Raven's Fort),

While we're talking about talking about events at your event (re-read that a
few times, it doesn't get any better), this would be a great to tell us more
about the "Day in a Manor" event. I'd like to know more about it. What can
you tell us?


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