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<< We need not "name" the worthies as that tournament did, but could
 the 3 worthiest participants in Armored combat, rapier combat, and A&S.  This
 recognition as one of the "Nine Worthies of [the Southern Region]" would be
 great word fame. >>

Quick question (several, actually):  If we have only three worthies, then who
are the other six, and how do you determine who they are?

Moreover, how do you judge these ideal traits that a "worthy" is supposed to
possess?  Combat prowess is easily determined, but what of the other traits?
Behavior, persona play ability and honor are sometimes difficult to judge,
especially if two hypothetical contestants are equal in all three categories.
How do you set up the scale, and how do you compare each of these individual
traits in such a manner that it defines the person who should be the
"worthiest" of all?

You probably should think about these crucial questions first before setting
up such a tournament.

Lord Johanne Kiefer Haydon (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)
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