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Carlos R. Seda cseda1 at
Sat Mar 20 16:28:12 PST 1999

>>need them. The SCA is a volunteer organisation, and there's no way a
>>warlord, or king for that matter, can force me to follow him. There will
>Yes, we are a volunteer organization, HOWEVER; once you volunteer to play
>the organization, you agree to the rules of the organization or job that
>take. I may not like the person who wears the crown each reign, but I will
>obey them because that is one of the rules of the game.
>Ld. Eirik

A point: we choose to obey. We have the option not to, if it's that
important to us, by the simple expedient of sitting out that particular
event, reign, or what-have-you, perhaps politely pleading financial
difficulty to avoid insulting those you may not agree with but nonetheless
hold in respect, assuming the choice is not taken from you by actual
financial difficulty, as happens to many. Unless of course you are one of
those who have accepted some office of responsibility, in which case - as in
any organization - there is a time to agree to disagree and do your duty
with a smile regardless of your misgivings.

Ld. Carlos Velasquez-y-Miranda

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