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Sat Mar 20 16:27:31 PST 1999

On 20 Mar 99, at 9:51, Eirik wrote:

> >need them. The SCA is a volunteer organisation, and there's no way a
> >warlord, or king for that matter, can force me to follow him. There will
> Yes, we are a volunteer organization, HOWEVER; once you volunteer to play
> in the organization, you agree to the rules of the organization or job
> that you take. I may not like the person who wears the crown each reign,
> but I will obey them because that is one of the rules of the game.

what many forget is that there are basic options craeted and transferred to us 
from from the early days and codified in our core law to allow those who have 
to follow other personal ideals before they follow the crown ... the 
codifications of the relgious matters, tolerance of all cultures, and master/vs 
knight issues come to mind ... must have had some brehon on the committee that 
drafted Corpora  

following or standing against the man (honor) instead of the hat or furniture 
(symbols) is as valid and historically accurate ("period" you will)  as the 
reverse, but usually gets shouted down by the follow-at-all costs factions  ... 
in the world of many here, if you have a bad / dishonorable individual who has 
managed to claim the throne, you are honor bound to follow your core 
convictions and honor to refuse to blindly bend knee to them and to resist them 
if necessary.  personal honor demands no less.

personally i must follow my heart first and foremost, and the herd last if at 
all ..


... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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