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Sun Mar 21 04:41:56 PST 1999

Donal & Sosha wrote:
> at this moment.  I will bring up the Northern regional idea, which was
> to rotate their Regional event.  This works to minimize the distance
> thing and communications errors possibly inherent.  However it takes
> away from a group's Kingdom Calendar events for the year.  If a small
> group does badly at this, oh so sad you can't have another event.  It
> may or may not take into account the lack of work force that small
> group may have.  Talk about burnout.  If they choose to pass it along
> to a better equipped group, I admit I have to ask the Regional
> Seneschal up there on this, but they may not get another chance till
> either the next year of the next coming around of their turn, several
> years later.  The one region has ONLY the Baronies doing the work for
> their regional event.  They have 2 Baronies.  That's a can of worms
> that I won't even try to open.

  Suppose we were to have one Barony take the lead position, and seek
support from two other groups, preferably non-Baronies? That would keep
the financial records where the most resources are, and let the Barony
draw man- and brain-power from the others. The Steward wouldn't *have*
to be from the Barony, so long as he's willing to work with their
treasurer and populace. It would also let the smaller groups in the
Region have a hand in putting on the event, without having to take all
the risks attached to an event of that scale. Of course, that would
leave the question of who gets what slice of the profits unanswered, but
I'd think that to be a question for the Steward and Seneschals involved
to figure between them. 
  It's just a rough idea, mind, but would help spread the 'damage' out
between groups, and keeps within the limits of existing law. One problem
I see with any multi-group event is working out the division of labor
(and division of profits) fairly between the three. And I'm sure that I
could ask ten experienced stewards and get ten totally different ideas
on that one.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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