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Sun Mar 21 08:24:50 PST 1999

Dory Grace wrote:
> Lousy example.  The military spends money faster than most people could
> manage to burn it.  Moreover, we also lost more soldiers in operation
> Desert Storm to safety incidents than to enemy fire. Not exactly a model of
> efficiency.

  Actually, I heard that the accident rate was the same or less as that
for other combat operations. The combat casualty rate, however, was so
miraculously low that the accident rate looks bad. My unit was  told to
expect 20,000 casualties for the first 6 months. Anybody who said that
we would have losses of less than 200 would have been either laughed at
or put in a rubber room.
  I would argue that the military model of inter-unit cooperation
doesn't work well in the SCA because, unlike the military, there's no
way for one group to compel another to take specific action. I do
believe that more than one group can have an event, but the Steward
needs to be more willing to persuade and solicit help than to dictate. 

Marlin Stout
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