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Sun Mar 21 17:13:51 PST 1999

Bob Dewart wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Ofcourse no one can compele any one in the organization to do antthing.
> However; once a group has volunteered to do a particular thing or was asked
> and they accept, there sholud be no basic difference.  There may be some
> specific differance like they might use thermonuclear weapeons and all we
> got are, well we all know what we use.
> I see no reason that the multi-group concept should not to work as long as
> what I've already mentioned happens, plus every one knows that there are
> other groups invovled, and the person in charge doesn't have so many other
> projects going on they don't have time to make a decision.

  Well, the military model would be to get the personnel commited to the
project then tell them what they will do. The SCA model tends to be to
tell everyone what is needed, then get volunteers for the various jobs. 
  I would think that multi-group events are fully feasible, so long as
a) there is one person in overall charge, since the little crises that
come up never seem to allow for comittee meetings, and b) the financial
accounted is done by/through one branch. Other branches could 'donate'
funds to the project, but all accounting should be in one place, to keep
the paperwork simpler if for no other reason.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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