SR - Gang-stewarding events

Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Mon Mar 22 06:48:46 PST 1999

Donal & Sosha wrote:
> No one is suggesting that events
> should be run by committee. I personally find the idea
> counter-productive. A co-autocrat merely serves as representative of a
> co-sponsoring branch. Sub-autocrat (there's an oxymoron) might be a
> more accurate term.

I definately agree.  I think in some of my posts I used the term
committee in association with the Nine Worthies tournament and others
with which I have been involved.  That was probably a misleading term. 
The events have always been run by a single steward/autocrat, and what
we called a committee might more accurately be termed senior staff. 
Sorry for the confusion.

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