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D.R. Hoffpauir env_drh at
Mon Mar 22 20:18:17 PST 1999

>While we're talking about talking about events at your event (re-read that
>few times, it doesn't get any better), this would be a great to tell us
>about the "Day in a Manor" event. I'd like to know more about it. What can
>you tell us?

Dear Cousin,

Your post is from a few days back.  I didn't see where anyone had answered
it.  Although there should be a post from the steward soon, I'll hit the
high points.

'A Day at the Manor' is our alternate serious event for the year (admittedly
we have some quirky event themes).  Several baronial champions will be
selected (bard, knife-axe-spear, equestrian, vintner, and bowman).
Essentially, we are hosting a day of activities as they may have occurred on
a large estate.  There will be some 'classes,'  an IKAC (practice at the
butts), and a wild animal hunt (dogs chasing wild boars and foxes and
such-armored combatants-not real animals).  No real fighting.  We didn't
want to compete against Rivertree (Stonebridge?) with a fighting event that
might draw folks from their event (not to say we can't slip in a melee

There are probably some other things I'm forgetting, but those are the
highlights.  I don't have dates handy but it is still a couple months off
(end of May or so).

dsd, Raven's Fort

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