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Tue Mar 23 12:27:52 PST 1999

Greetings from the Shadowlands!
	This weekend we are hosting a multiple group fighter practice. Here
are the directions as requested:

If coming from Houston:
	As you approach College Station on Hwy 6, there will be the Business 6
exit. It is a left exit. Take this into town. The second traffic light will
be FM 2818 (Wal Mart is to your left). Take a left onto FM 2818. Follow this
all the way to University Dr. (There will be an airport on your left, and a
large park on your right.) Exit right, onto University Dr. About 100 yards
down University Dr will be Research Park on your right. Turn into here and take the first right. Follow this road around the park. When you get to the third 
pond on your right, there will be a small field between a large brown building
and the road. This is where we'll be. You can park anywhere along the road, or
you can pull into the parking lot of the building.

If coming from Huntsville:
	From Hwy 30, get onto the Hwy 6 and go north. University Dr will be
the next exit up. Take University Dr west into town and keep going all the way 
through town. You'll pass the vet and medical buildings right before you get
to Research park. If you cross FM 2818, you went too far. The park will be on 
your left. Turn into the park and follow the directions above.

>From Austin:
	Exit 47 off of Hwy 21. 47 merges into William Stozer Parkway, which 
will turn into University Dr once you cross FM 2818. Take the parkway/University Dr into town, crossing over FM 2818. The park will be on your left.

>From Temple, Waco 
	Stay on the Hwy 6 bypass and exit University Dr. Head into town and
follow the Huntsville directions.

So far, we have most of the Loch Sollier, Stargate and Raven's Fort groups
coming up. There are rolling hills, shaded areas, flat fields and large bridges. Weather permitting, there could be some great scenario fighting and melees!
If you need more information email or call (409-695-1240). Hope to see you


P.S. Did i mention we have a really cool event coming up? More info on this
will be available at the fighter practice.
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