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Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Wed Mar 24 16:55:28 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Does standing in a shieldwall make you itch?  In battle, when you attack 
your first opponent, are you already picking out your next two targets?  
Do you have good foot speed, a fair amount of agility, endurance to 
spare, and the guts it takes to leap alone into an enemy shieldwall?

Then have I got a job for you.  In preparation for Gulf Wars IX, I want 
to put together a light infantry unit.  We'll train in flanking 
maneuvers, counter-flanking maneuvers, hit-and-run tactics, and 
harassment techniques that allow small, fast units to cripple whole 

If you're interested, email me at sirlyonel at with your 
fighting stats.  I want to know your favorite weapons styles, your 
fighting history, and why you think this is the unit for you.  I'll be 
holding the first unit meeting at Crown.  

To answer one unspoken question, yes, I would like to include some 
archers in this unit.  They'll have to be able to load, aim, and fire on 
the run.

A few major caveats:  

(1) I'm not much of a runner, but on the battlefield, I move a lot 
faster than most fighters.  I'll expect this unit to keep up with me. 
Endurance is more important than speed.

(2) This is not an endeavor for anarchists.  If you can't follow orders, 
you'll just get in the way.

(3) This is also not an endeavor for lone wolves.  The members of this 
unit will *always* have their asses on the line.  Teamwork and 
communication are an absolute necessity.

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace 
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