SR - Red Tape Event

Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Wed Mar 24 19:42:45 PST 1999

Ld Charles MacKinnon, the grossly uncouth, wrote in response to a Lady's
comment of little notice of the GOOFS meeting :

>  Umm, Milady, the Kingdom Seneschal mentioned it in his report 
>in the March Black Star. 

Some people have a life, and don't read the Black Star cover to cover. If
it was there, I too missed it. 

So there has been more than a few days 
>at least for those who are subscribing members.

The Lady, who you implied did not read her Black Star, is in fact a
subscribing member, she is the Chronicler for Bjornsborg. She MUST be a
member to hold the office, read your Kingdom Law, and Copora.

You owe Lady Caitlin an apology.
>Ld Charles MacKinnon
>Bryn Gwlad

Master Ivar Runamagi

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