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Thu Mar 25 21:58:07 PST 1999

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 >  Umm, Milady, the Kingdom Seneschal mentioned it in his report 
 >in the March Black Star. 

I read my Black Star, but I confess, I didn't see the announced meeting.  I
mainly look to see what would be of interest to Bjornsborg and to be published
in the newsletter.  I fear my comments were not understood as they were meant.
They were meant in a light hearted manner, not to slam those who orgainized
the meeting.

I guess I feel that if there are policies that are going to be examined for
change.. change that affects the whole kingdom, I think it should have been a
little more widely advertised.  That was my whole point.

Thank you Master Ivar.. I consider myself very fortunate to have you as a
friend.  To defend me and my intent was an act of kindness I didn't expect.  

A lowly Chronicler.
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