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>Good day to all,
>     This year I am the liaison for the Texas Renaissance Festival for the
>S.C.A. If you have an interest in helping out with the seven weekend demo
>that the Kingdom holds at the worlds largest renaissance fair Please
>me. We will be getting the compound ready for the next season through out
>the summer. The scheduled worked days are the last weekend in the month
>(every month) . Call me (My numbers in the Black Star under Raven's Fort.)
>or send me some E-Mail ( Cobalt60 at ) . I will be giving out more
>details as the season draws closer. We all had a good time last year at the
>fair and I look forward to this year !
>    The kingdom Hospitler has a challenge in the Black Star, The T.R.F. is
>good vehicle to promote membership to interested people.  With all the
>patrons attending the fair like they do, it is very easy to assume that
>have an interest in the Renaissance and the Middle ages.     Just a
>thought........  :)
>                            see ya at the fair
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