ANST-Announce - Pennsic Land Grab Person(s) Found!

Kief av Kiersted sirkief at
Wed Aug 2 22:28:10 PDT 2000

Heilsa Layla and all Good and True Ansteorrans going to Pennsic 29...!

You did ask:

>Greetings from Lady Layla al-Tabrizi of House Bloodstone,
>Did Ansteorra ever find someone to do the land grab for our Kingdom? (Hope

Yes...we did.  Two different sets of people volunteered. Kudos to:

Guy la Strange (Squire to Duke Stephen Bellatrix)


Merrik and Rowan et al. from the fine Barony of Northkeep

**letter snipped**

Whoever arrives first on-site at Coopers Lake needs to lay out their group's 
campsite with an eye toward conserving space. Don't forget that everyone 
must give a portion of "their" land allotment for common space. I.e. 
walkways, courtyard(s), BFT for the Kingdom (a 40' x 50' footprint) and 
space between tents. The space for BFT, Royal and Entourage, the 
Courtyard(s), some walkways, Sir Wilhelm et al., and, I think, the Steppes 
group, will already be set aside on the "land grab initial map". Sir Wilhelm 
has, I do believe, a list of all other folks from Ansteorra in his 
possession. Please be neighborly and don't harrass the land grab volunteers 
about space...they have nothing to do with the layout or allocation of areas 
other than that space marked out for the aforementioned groups. And that 
allotment of land was done by the members of the Entourage that were tasked 
to do the job...any complaints about the allotment can be directed at Sir 
Kief when he arrives on site early Friday morning (11th).

A few hints: Fill in the space from the boundries and corners inward. Share 
awnings. Be friendly! Arrange your tents and camp area in conjunction with 
your neighbors to allow access for all. Don't forget we've _all_ traveled 
better than 1000 miles to have a fun experience with 10,000 of our closest 
friends...! Enjoy!

>See you there!
>Lady Layla

Safe journeys to all!!

Wæs Þu Hæl kinfolk...!
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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