ANST-Announce - Schedule for SR War College

Sean Gulick sean at
Thu Aug 3 09:54:52 PDT 2000

Greetings to those traveling to our Southern Region War College this
weekend in the Barony of Bryn-Gwlad.  See for details.  The schedule for the
day is as follows:

0830    Armor Inspection
1000    Introduction, Discussion, and Review of Commands
1030    Fighting Scenarios (Open Field, Attacking and Defending a Gate)
1230    Lunch (Fruit and lots of water provided by the Bearly Edible
Culinary Guild)
1300    Armored Drills
1400    Triad Battle
1430    Resurrection Battle
1500    Break and Armor Down for those who need to
1515    Discussion
1600    Topical Small Group Lessons
1700    Out of Armor Wrap-up, Drilling and Command Review

Following the days activities there will be a small feast cooked by the
Bearly Edible Culinary Guild and then a post revel at my humble abode.
Looking forward to seeing you'all there.

In Service,
'Once more into the breach my friends...'
His Lairdship Gideon MacLeod

Southern Region Warlord of Ansteorra
Lieutenant of the Bryn-Gwlad War Company
Quartermaster of Bryn-Gwlad
Squire to Viscount Wulfbrand Lurkr
Defender of Lioness
Order of the Tyger's Combatant
Order of the Sable Falcon
Brother in Black, the Last Defenders of the Dragon

Home Phone: 512-249-7727
Work Phone: 512-232-3262
E-mail: sean at
Modern Name: Sean Gulick, Ph.D.

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