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Hello and good day!
    This weekend members of the kingdom who help support the demo at the Texas Renaissance Festival ( TRF ) will be working on the compound and buildings that the SCA owns there. Booth # 232 is a fairly large compound with two buildings and a viewing stand the   arena. 
    This weekend we are replacing the roof on the gate house & viewing stand, weeding the gardens and doing some minor painting. Saturday evening at around 5:00 PM Gerald of Leesville will have a light cool meal for those who are still on site.
    To come out and help with the work you must do one thing first. When you enter the TRF office entrance you must sign in on the clipboard just inside the door of the TRF office. Only one person needs to sign in per vehicle. The TRF office is located just north of the main entrance on 1774 on the left. Look for the brown building with all the dark tinted glass. Follow all the SCA signs to the work Compound!
    Thank you for all your help and Kingdom Service. 
    Be sure to not forget the following:
    work gloves   
 bug repellent 
old clothes (on person)   
gardening tools    
and your favorite beverages!
                                                    See you there.
                                                                                       Brian du Val ,
 who use to be known as Yoshi.  :o)
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