ANST-Announce - News of concern and a plea for help

John F. Hirling jhirling at
Mon Aug 7 15:04:46 PDT 2000

Many of you know Janet Virago Parva and Telbyrne Morningstar (Janet & James
Bozarth), long time members of the SCA and owners of House Morningstar.
Janet has just had a diagnoses of endometrial cancer which will require
immediate surgery.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Janet and Telbyrne depend upon Pennsic for a major part of their annual
income.  Though Telbyrne would like to stay here and Janet would like to go
there, both are impossible.   Would those of you at Pennsic please donate
some of your time at the store?  It would be a great comfort to Janet and a
great help to Telbyrne.  


John Hirling, 20th Century Cleric and all around nice guy --
skypilot at
hl ihon vinson macfergus, 15th century lowland Scot and all around nice guy
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