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Good Day from the Estrella17 Publicity Committee! Please feel free to 
cross-post this to any groups that might be interested.If you have any 
questions, contact information is in the article.



Land Allocation FAQ for Estrella attendee’s

1)	What is Land Allocation?
Land Allocation is the pre-allotment of camping land at Estrella War.
How would you and your group like to show up to Estrella War and not worry 
about being early or having a buddy on the ‘set up crew’ just so your group 
can be assured a large enough parcel of land?  How would your group like to 
show up Thursday and still be assured that there is a piece of land with 
their name on it just waiting for them to put their tents on it?

2)	Why do we need a Land Allocation Policy?
We moved to the new war site to alleviate the overcrowding at the Estrella 
Mountain Park and there is plenty of land at Schnepf Farms but it is not 
being used to its fullest effect.  Every year large groups (Baronies, 
Household, Companies, etc.) compete for land in a literal land rush that 
seems to begin earlier every year.  This lets some small groups take more 
than enough land (always claiming that more people will arrive tonight / 
tomorrow) and other groups have to squeeze in tight.  This also left pockets 
of land for one’s and two’s in unlikely areas that were never used.  This 
does not promote efficient use of land management or good behavior at the 
War, (hey, how come they got that huge chunk of land and there is only 8 
people camping on it?)  just desperation to grab enough land.
With this new Land Allocation Policy we hope to reduce the amount of 
problems encountered by group camping and relieving some of the friction 
experienced by the attendee’s.

3)	What do I have to do to participate in land allotment?
First find a group that is camping together (Barony, Household, Company, 
etc.) ensuring that you have at least 20 people.  Once you have at least 20 
people, decide who will be your group’s representative. (Ideally this will 
be the first person from your group that will be on site.)  Now send in your 
pre-registration form (with the appropriate monies) filled out with the name 
of your group and group representative (be as exact in spelling as possible, 
this will be what Land Allotment is based off of.).  Once it is mailed off, 
you are done with it until the War starts.

4)	What do I do when I arrive on site?
Once you check into registration you will be directed to the location of 
your group’s encampment where you will meet with your Group Representative 
and set up camp following your groups’ customs and traditions.  There will 
be representatives from the Land Allocation Committee on site should the 
need arise.

5)	What if our Group doesn’t show up when the gate opens on Wednesday?
If your group is not present when the gates open on Wednesday that is fine.  
All of the Allocated Lands will be held for the various groups until Friday 
Noon (unless other arrangements have been made with the Land Allocation 

6)	Is the land allocated to me?
Not exactly, the land is allocated to the group as a whole and is 
partitioned by way of your group’s customs and design.

7)	What is the individual allotment
For every pre-registered adult camping in your group there will be 225 sq. 
ft. allotted (think of a square  that is about 15’ x 15’).  For every 
pre-registered Youth camping in your group there will be 100 sq. ft. 
allotted (again think of a square that is about 10’ x 10’).

8)	What if I take up more space than my personal allotment (Period Tent, Dog 
Kennel, Hot Tub, Lawn Bowling Yard, etc) ?
It is regrettable that we are limiting the amount of personal space at 
Estrella War.  But remember that we are not granting the land to the 
individual but to the group.  If someone in your group takes up less land 
than they are granted then the excess falls to group use.  This excess can 
go a common area, fire pit, group kitchen or other people in the camp with 
larger needs.  See below for other options.

9)	What about my children?
For every pre-registered Youth camping in your group there will be 100 sq. 
ft. allotted (again think of a square that is about 10’ x 10’).  Children 
under 9 years of age do not receive a land allocation.

10)	Does the group have to send in one big check?
Not at all.  It is the responsibility of the individual to send off their 
pre-registration for the War.

11)	Who is in charge of our group’s land/Who divides up our land?
The person listed as the Group Representative on the pre-registration sheet 
is the person that the land will be issued to.  Once the land is issued, it 
is up to the group to sub-divide the land further.  It is not the 
responsibility or desire of the Land Allocation personnel to divide it up 

12)	What if there are people in our group that don’t pre-register?
If there are people in your group that do not wish to pre-register the 
burden now falls to the group to either ‘suck it up’ and make room for them 
or they will have to camp in the overflow camping area.

13)	What if we don’t have 20 or more people in our group?
If your group does not have enough people to make the minimums they can 
always group together with a larger group and when they get on site divide 
off their portion of it.

14)	If I don’t pre-register will I still get land?
Everyone that attends the War will be given land to camp on.

15)	If I pre-register for the war but don’t plan on camping what happens to 
my land?
Even if you are not planning on camping at the War but are planning on 
pre-registering and attending on more than a day trip basis (i.e. staying in 
a hotel, family, etc.) you are still allotted land.  If you wish to donate 
that land to a group just fill in the appropriate information on the 
pre-registration sheet and the land will be added to that group.

16)	Do I have to camp with a group?
No you do not, if your group is too small or you are camping by yourself, 
you can just declare for overflow camping.

17)	What if people join our Group after pre-registration closes, can we 
still get land for them?
You or your Group may purchase extra War membership ahead of time in 
anticipation of people joining after pre-registration (or finding out that 
they can get time off of work) and then transfer it to the individual before 
the war or at the front gate.

18)	Can our group ‘buy’ extra land?
As above, you or your group may purchase extra War memberships ahead of 
time.  The additional portion of land stays with your group.  This can be 
utilized to provide land for large pavilions, dog kennels, large kitchens, 
or other ‘luxury” uses of space.  If your group registers an excessive 
amount of land in ratio to your attendance you will be required to justify 
the use of space.

19)	How can I buy more land?
You can choose to register yourself more than once. You can also “upgrade” 
children and youths by paying the higher amount, but please give actual 
birth date information for all minors.  We need accurate information for 
waivers and youth tokens.  The payment made will define the land allotment.  
A minor’s birth date will define tokens and waivers assigned.

20)	What about RV camping?
Limited “wet” RV spaces are available, contact Lady Giliana for 
reservations.  She can be reached by writing her at jamers at, 
calling her at 480-614-0295 or faxing her at 480-614-0062. For “dry” RV 
camping, use “Dry RV Camping” as your Camping Group Name and put the size of 
your RV on this form. Do not worry about having a Camping Group Contact 
Person for this area. ALL Dry RV Camping MUST be pre-registered or the RV 
will have to park in the Parking Lot. (Note: One “Adult Land Allocation” 
covers the land under the RV. Additional Pre-registered land goes to Dry RV 
Camping common area.)

21)	I have questions that you didn’t answer
Contact your Group Representative first, if that doesn’t work contact the 
Land Allocation Autocrat at  Element at or call them at 
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