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Thu Aug 24 14:04:12 PDT 2000

Please excuse the length of this annoucement, but a communication problem caused it to not be published.
Any questions should be directed to the Seneschal or Autocrat and not to me.

Ld. Eirik Halfdanarson
Middleford Virtual Scribe

The Shire of Middleford bids you welcome to War Chieftain & Cavalier of the Bridge October 6-8 2000

Once again our tradition of combined Chivalric and Rapier combatant "team" competition will continue. Combat Archery is thrown in to add to the fun, especially when they have not practiced with a bow or crossbow lately. A variety of weapons styles for both types of fighting will be offered so bring all your toys. Your lady will choose the weapon style you fight with for each round.
There will be an Arts & Sciences display as well as a most frugal garb contest ( total cost for garb under $ 25.00 ). Bardic competition theme: your best bear story. There will be an auction to raise money for the Black Star and our local libraries for SCA related reference materials. Please contact the autocrat if you wish to make donations.

The site for this event will be Camp Finlayson on Fort Hood. The site will open at 5:00pm on Friday October 6th and close at 3:00pm on Sunday October 8th. 

Site fee is $ 7.00                           Feast fee is $ 7.00
Children 6-12 $ 3.50                      Children 6-12 $ 3.50
Under 6 Free                                 Under 6 Free
( Max site fee is 3 Adults. No family max for feast )

Make checks payable to Shire of Middleford

Feast will consist of the following: Fried Fava beans, Pasta with butter and herbs, porkroll stuffed with spinach and herbs, seasoned baked fish, leeks rolled in cabbage, seasoned rice with mushrooms, salad with foccacia bread, lamb soup, pesto, breads and butter **** For dietary restrictions contact the feastocrat.

 Autocrat     Feastocrat
HL Keyna Morgan Oulton    Lord Uilleam Farquharson 
( Linda Knotts)     ( William E. Lyon )
(254) 634-0166    (254) 865-7942
keyna at    lyonsden at

HL Louise Elizabeth Mindenhale
( Janet Mendenhall )
(254) 526-7310
cotton at

All animals must have current certificates, must be on a leash or secured to an immovable object. Certificates will be checked at the gate.

Directions to the site take your best route to US 190 East/West take the West Fort Hood Exit ( watch for signs ). Go south on Clark road then turn left on Old Copperas Cove Road at the SCA sign, turn right at next sign, and follow road into site

***** Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday by H.L. Gilli and Darcy 
*****Donation will go towards combat arrows for the war

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