ANST-Announce - New Pelican

Lee enaz at
Sun Jun 11 16:13:18 PDT 2000

N E W   B I R D       N E W   B I R D      N E W   B I R D
Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!   :)
Congratulations and Welcome to "Mistress~Mistress" Charla Noel du Lac,
OL, as NEW PELICAN, June 10, 2000 by Anno Domini reckoning, so named
amid her peers and her surprised tears, by 
Ansteorran Royal Majesties Alaric and Kayleigh Drake,
in Their grand Crown Barony Bordermarch at the unique combined Kingdom
Warlord/Bordermarch Baronial Championship event.  
Her medallion, a laurel-pelican medallion, (secretly purchased and
brought home from Gulf Wars) 
was presented by her own adoring Henri, KSCA OPel.  
Charla was spoken~for by the entire Pelican assembly, Laurels present,
by Keif as Knight and Lion, by Maggie and Tessa (grinning!) as Ladies of
the Rose. Charla was somewhat in shock, after which she immediately
arose to assist with feast by organizing the serving.
This did I witness with my own eyes and do here set my cyber-seal,
	Tessa of the Gardens... OPel...
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