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Anthony Partin squireanton at
Wed Jun 14 19:58:08 PDT 2000

Greetings all,

Anton here.   In case anyone might be interested to join us, We have moved 
the Ffynnon Gath Fighter Practice to Wedensday, or should I say Wotensday.  
I'd like to anvite any fighter from around the region to join us.  We have 
had regular attendance from several Bjornsborg fighters, Isphael, Elanor and 
Luscious Sweetcheeks, but have yet to see anyone from Bryn Gwlad.  If anyone 
in Bryn Gwlad would be so kind as to speak my invitation at a BG Tuesday 
practice, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am, regrettably, unable to 
attend due to my work schedule.  If anyone would so kind as to spread the 
word, I really would love to see the gathering of the Southern Region once 
again to train as a unit in melees, and share in wealth of knowledge as a 
region once again.  Pensic approaches, and have a vision of the Southern as 
a force in the known world.  Is Bryn Gwlad, err maybe Duke Kein doing a 
Thursday practice?  If so, I would love to attend.  Lets all get together 
and club each other sensless in preparation for WAR!!!!

Ld Anton Cwith,
Ffynnon Gath Knight Marshall
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