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Tue Jun 20 20:59:09 PDT 2000

Its *NOT TOO LATE* to come to Knowne World Heraldic Symposium and take
advantage of the myriad of classes from teachers representing 10 of the 14
kingdoms of the SCA.   Classes are on topics of Heraldry and Scribal arts
but are not just for the herald or scribe, but for us all.    Classes in
'Heraldic Display', 'Drawing Period Devices' and 'How to Teach Anything'
are just a sample.

Site fee is $15.00, if you are taking classes.  Campus meals and dorm
spaces may still be available, check with the Autocrat. You do not need to
pre-reserve to just take classes!    Just show up!   See the June Black
Star for further details, or our website at :

Also, for those attending already.. this is a reminder that Friday and
Sunday, costume is optional, on Saturday, it is preferred.  Feast gear is
not needed if you have reserved meals!   However if you wish to bring a
centerpiece candle set, it would be welcome.     If you are unable to
reserve on-campus meals due to a late registration, there are nearby
restaurants and fast food spots.. so you won't go hungry.

Come to Knowne World Heraldic Symposium and partaking of the best the SCA
has to offer on Heraldic and Scribal education, 'illumination' and fun.
Come on and join us!     Mistress Hillary Greenslade    KWHS Autocrat
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