ANST-Announce - Archery Shoot and More

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Jun 26 18:24:32 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

There will be an archery shoot at Camp Finlayson, Ft Hood TX this weekend
sponsored by HLs Gilli and Darcy.  The site will open at 5PM Friday and
close when we leave on Sunday.  No site fee.  No feast fee.  However, there
will be a pot luck dinner Saturday evening.  Please bring a dish to share.
We will provide the meat.  We will also be feeding breakfast Sunday to those
you spend Saturday night on site.

While the main purpose of the event is to get scores, the site is large.  So
bring you seige engines, horses, units have fun in the space of the camp.
Some archery marshal training may take place if there is a desire for it.

This is not a calendar event.  However, all scores shot by paid members will
count toward the KIngdom count.  No visable adult beverage containers.

Directions to Camp Finlayson:  Take your best route to  Killeen and get on
Highway 190 going to Copperas Cove.  Take the West Fort Hood exit and go
under the over pass.   Go to Old Copperas Cove Road, turn left.  There will
be a sign at the entrance of Camp Finlayson.  If you cross a little bridge
you just past it.
            If you are coming up  195 take the Stan Slater loop exit in
Killeen and go under the over pass.  Stan Slater will turn into  Old
Copperas Cove Road when you cross Clear Creek.  I will *try* to have signs

Have a safe trip.

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