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Thu Jun 29 16:54:35 PDT 2000

Knowne World Heraldic Souvenirs for sale.:

If you attended KWHS (or even if you did not) and wanted to order the
souvenir items, the deadline is set for July 15th, to mail you check to me.
Orders will take around 2 weeks to place, and then will be mailed promptly
thereafter.   Since we ran out of items, we wanted to give the opportunity
for a second order.   After this date, no further orders will be made for
t-shirts or tote bags.

Please mail a check for the amount + $2.00 postage, to the Autocrat address
listed in the event flyers.  For direct address information, please request
by e-mail.    Check/money order must be received by Autocrat for order to
be placed.

The event design logo is as follows:  two lions, back to back, one holding
the device of Ansteorra, and the other of the host group, the Canton of
Westgate.  The title of the event 'Knowne World Heraldic Symposium, AS35'
is imprinted on the design.

Tote bags (natural color bag, with black ink design)    $10.00  ea.
T-Shirts (black ink on gold/yellow shirt)  Please specify size:
     Small to XL                         $10.00  ea.
     XXL and up                          $12.00  ea.

KWHS Proceedings (a compilation of Heraldic and Scribal articles)
$7.00 ea.

We thank you for your participation in making this SCA event a success.
Cheers!   Mistress Hillary Greenslade    KWHS Autocrat
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