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I must apologize to you all for missing the second page of the ad for To
Save a Queen. Following is a complete text version. Please pass this
information along to those in your group that are not digital yet.

The information can also be accessed at the following web site:

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Chronicler - Ansteorra

------Advertisement for TSAQ------

To Save a Queen VI
Hosted by the Barony of the Eldern Hills
March 31st  to April 2nd, 2000

Join us for the original rapier melee-combat scenario written by Don
Aubrey de Baudricourt.  Set in April of the year 1570, gentles will
compete both on and off the field to determine who will rule England:
Elizabeth Tudor or Mary Stuart.
Gentles wishing to compete must organize into teams of 5-7 fighters and
as many artisans, bards and spies as they may. Each team must provide at
least one martial. Each participant must also provide a prize to be
added to the "spoils" of  the competition.  

Other activities will include:

• Bardic Collegium 
• Baroness' Tea 
• Period Gaming
• Regalia Competition
• Arts & Sciences competitions for both novices and experienced artisans
• Bardic competitions
• A Masked Ball
Any of the competitions may be entered on behalf of a team and all are
of a sixteenth century theme.  Advanced entrants should have

If possible, youth rapier activities may be scheduled during the event.

Our sumptuous feast was inspired by the coronation feast of Elizabeth I:

1st Remove:	Apples and cheese
2nd Remove:	Bread rolls with  honey & herb butter Crab Soup
3rd Remove:	Boeuf a la Ragout  (false venison) Mushrooms & Leeks in
garlic butter sauce
4th Remove:	Bread pudding	

Site fee:	Adults $5 - Children twelve and under $3 - Five and under

Feast fee:	Adults $7 - Children twelve and under $4 - Five and under
			As feast is limited to 65 gentles, reservations are encouraged.

Make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. Barony of the Eldern Hills"

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  They may also
attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor
Event Waiver Form from the parents.

Service animals only, No pets.
Alcohol in Period containers only.

Autocrat:                    			Head Cook:
	Lord Armand de Chartres       			M'Lady Tessa de Lyons
	Daniel Pipe                 			Ambre Calhoun
	(580)248-5708                			(580)248-5708
	DanPipe2 at      				angelicadanion at

     Lord Mattias Dversdall
     Bart Dversdall
     bdversdall at

>> No calls after 10:00 PM Please <<

     The site is Clear Creek Lake Campground located near Duncan OK.
Site opens at 3:00 PM on Friday & closes at 1:00 PM on Sunday.  
     Directions: Take US 81 to Duncan. Turn east on Plato road near
Wal-mart.  Travel 6.6 miles and turn north at SCA sign. Travel 2.8
miles, turn east at next SCA sign.  Turn north at the next road, and
follow this to the site.
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