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Michael Scofield ivar_runamagi at
Thu Mar 9 17:54:03 PST 2000

Greetings to all of the Norse, Danes, Finns, Icelanders, and those few 
disgusting Swedes in Ansteorra.

On April 28-30, 2000 a semi-annual gathering of the mundane Scandinavian 
groups in Texas takes place in Georgetown (just North of Bryn Gwlad). For 
the third time, I have been asked by the organizers to bring as many SCA 
"vikings" as possible so they can have some real Viking Age people there. 
So, if you have a persona from the areas now known as Norway, Finland, 
Denmark, Iceland, or even Sweden, and you would like to spend a weekend in a 
period encampment, explaining what the "vikings" were really like, getting 
your picture taken a couple hundred times, eating some period food prepared 
by H.E. Thordis, Mistress Rianlief, and others, meeting lots of folks from 
Scandinavia, and going for short sailings on the Skelmir (our 22-foot 
longboat, built by Ragnar Ulfgarsson and crew), let me know.

We are looking for as many period "viking" tents as possible.
NO MUNDANE TENTS ALLOWED. We also need as many active period A&S activities 
ongoing as possible in the camp. Also there will be a couple of fighting 
demos per day. These will be done as much as possible like what would have 
happened in period. And still be as entertaining as possible for the 
mundanes watching.

There is also a need for a few of us to be in a play that a Danish acting 
troop will be doing. There will most likely be some fighting involved in our 
parts of the play, but details on that have not been worked out.

Check out the website of the festival at . The group from 
Bjornsborg, with help from a couple of folks in the Elfsea and Steppes area 
have pulled this off the last two times. I think we need help, especially 
since there are about 40-70,000 people expected at the festival this year. 
We just can't talk to them all.

If you would like to help out with this, and help us pick up a few new 
members for the SCA, contact me soon.

Thank you for your time.

Hersir Ivar Runamagi
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