ANST-Announce - Mendersham Needs Help

Carolyn Rowe ladyceridwyn at
Fri Mar 17 20:17:27 PST 2000

The shire of Mendersham will be having a demo the weekend of April 15-16th.  
We will be participating in a street fair known as Celebrate Abilene.  Last 
year's event was alot of fun and was great publicity for our local shire.  
This year, we are putting the call out for help.  We would like to blow the 
city of Abilene away!  The hours of the fair are 10am-6pm on Saturday and 
12pm-5pm on Sunday.  We will have a booth with several tables for display.  
There will also be space nearby for fighting, dancing, and bardic.  This 
year, we have also been given 2 hours (1 each day) time on the main stage.  
So, we need performers of all types, and people just wanting to man our 
booth.  The weekend promises to be fun.  Master Rosario is opening up his 
house for a revel on Saturday night, and crash space will be provided.  If 
you can help us out, please e-mail me privately.

Thank you in advance,

Ly. Ceridwyn Wilsford
ladyceridwyn at
Hospitaler - Shire of Mendersham
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