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Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at
Mon Mar 20 10:05:24 PST 2000

(Sorry for any multiple postings.)

> So, Armand, are the pictures up yet?
>- Galen of Bristol

No photos at the end of an event. A most uncomfortable feeling indeed. With
my camera disabled, I have not one photo of my own to put online. I've been
touched by the kind words of so many who've expressed their gratitude for
the gallery. I wish not to let them down, those who might anticipate the
latest memories of this event. Therefore, I would take this opportunity to
solicit photos from any and all that have them.

PLEASE send me your photos!

If you have digital photos (preferred), please send the largest, highest
resolution images you can (or are willing to because of the wait). I will be
happy to thumbnail and alter contrast, lighten, darken, etc. so please don't
feel obliged to do that, but I cannot enlarge a small image and maintain
good image quality, so send them as large as you can.

Send photos to: dragonetti at
Please DO NOT send them to this list!

If you have traditional (non-digital photos), I'll be happy to scan them and
return them to you. Ameline has taken the kids to visit her mom this week,
so I'll have lots of time in the evenings this week. After this week
however, mundanity will devour my time, so please make haste if you are
able. In addition to the email address above, I may be reached at:
1-800-433-7605 or local (817) 536-1331. Mailing address is:

Armand Dragonetti
c/o Gene Rich & Co., Inc.
2525 Ludelle Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105

Thanks in advance for any photos you can provide. I hope everyone (who went)
returned safe and I'll try to recollect a story or two after I catch up on a
bit of mundanity. (bit=mountain) I've spent 4 hours going through email.
Now, onto the snail mail stack.....yipee.  (That last 'e' is actually an 's'
in disguise)

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