ANST-Announce - Charter painting at Red Tape....

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Mon Mar 20 18:52:18 PST 2000

> Just another reminder.......  ; )

Also, any local scribes are more than welcome to just come to paint all
day....  : )

> Greetings to all scribes!
> If any scribes are attending the Red Tape event, please drop by the
> scribal room!  I will have a room  on Saturday from approximately 9 AM
> to 5 PM and
> would like to meet with any scribes interested in:
>     *  picking up blank charters to paint -- hey, stay and paint some,
> too!
>     *  turning in charters and getting feedback -- hey, you could stay
> and paint some, too!
>     *  looking at color copies of painted charters for ideas -- hey,
> why not stay and practice?
>     *  learning diapering techniques  -- hey, of course you should
> practice a little before leaving!
>     *  wanting feedback on a new charter design you are working on  --
> hey, painting charters might help!
>     *  asking basic general painting questions, etc.  -- hey, practice
> makes perfect!
> <pssst...I'll even bring some paints, etc., and well, um, CHOCOLATE,
> in
> case anyone would like to actually sit and chat awhile, maybe practice
> some diapering and white line techniques, paint a few charters, etc.!>
> Regional scribes and gentles who are head of scribal groups are
> especially encouraged to attend and drop by the scribal room -- we can
> discuss scribal concerns that the Kingdom is currently facing. I'll
> have
> a morning "talk" session  around 10:30 and an "afternoon" talk session
> around 3:00, so if you're attending any other meetings, hopefully you
> can attend one of the sessions.
> If you need anything in particular scribally, please e-mail before the
> event and let me know what is so that I can try and come with whatever
> it is.
> In Service to the Dream,
> Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick
> Star Signet

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