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Tue Mar 21 15:11:13 PST 2000

Southern Regional Festival News!

The following rapier tourneys, devised by Lionardo Acquistapace and
sponsored by the Barony of Bjornsborg, will take place at the Southern
Regional Festival
We hope to see you there!

The Barony of Bjornsborg does challenge the Southern Region to join them
in a grand display of prowess, courtesy, chivalry and honor on the field
of unarmored combat at the Southern Regional Festival. We shall start
the day in sport as the Italians are wont to do.  A tourney of Fence
with a format with which you may be familiar, but with slightly altered
rules.  Thereafter we will proceed into a grand melee which harkens back
to the styles of William the Marshal.  A Southern Regional Champion of
Fence shall be chosen from among the Southern Regional participants who
show great skill, leadership and honor in the two tournaments. But know
that all who show truly tremendous feats of prowess and courtesy shall
be recognized for their virtuous actions and gifted with honors.

THE ITALIAN FENCING TOURNEY:  Each bout in the Italian Fencing
tournament shall be fought to 5 points with points being granted for how
well placed your blow is. The hand is worth no points, while the arm or
leg is worth 1 point, the torso is worth 2 points and the head a full 3
points. Points are counted as soon as they are struck to allow the
marshals to display the score. The honorable warriors shall then
continue their display of skill until the five points have been reached
or exceeded.

MELEE:  All shall break into four teams who will be able to ride forth
and engage the other teams as if upon your steeds. A single good blow
anywhere on the body will dismount you, requiring you to fall to a
kneeling position. Should no opposing warrior be within weapons reach
for an appreciable amount of time you may stand and return to the fray,
having regained your horse. A 10 second count shall be considered an
appreciable time. A friendly warrior may also proclaim they rescue you
as they approach from the front or side to allow you to regain your
horse sooner. A second blow before regaining your horse, however, will
disarm you.  If disarmed (shown by placing your hands behind your back),
you may be captured by an opposing
team member simply by their proclaiming thus. You are then duty bound to
follow them unless they were forced to engage in battle with another or
wander off due to some distraction, at which time you would be free. If
freed you must proceed to a safe area before returning to the fray, once
again armed, assuming you are not captured again, of course. Any captor
may only hold one captive at a time. If your captor successfully takes
you to a safe area and registers your capture with a herald stationed
there you must then owe them ransom to be decided between you and your
captor. Such ransom need not be physical in nature, offering to tell a
tell of fame of your captor may well be the most valuable ransom of the
day! Should you capture your
previous captor you may either agree upon some ransom from them or ask
that your previous ransom be rescinded. Upon your third capture, you
will then step off the field, to await a second go-round, if time

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