ANST-Announce - Red Tape and Scribes: Thank You's & Scribal info.

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Sun Mar 26 18:51:58 PST 2000


First of all, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to:

*  all the wonderful people who helped me set up and/or tear down the
charter painting room - Charles, Gwyneth, Ansgar, Delphina, Donnel,
Josef, Hillary, Valencia, Ceridwen, Michael, Shea, and several others to
whom I know I'm indebted  but their names escape me at the moment.  You
all have my heartfelt appreciation!

*  all the enthusiastic people who came by to paint, new and
inexperienced, some staying literally hours with me, asking questions,
poring over painted examples, learning brush and paint control,
diapering techniques, and so on.

*  all the scribes who came by to pick up scribal handouts and blank
award charters - approximately 500 blank charters were given out over
the course of the day!  I know the Sable Scroll will be quite
appreciative of them being painted and sent to her in a timely manner!
: )

* Lady Maeva and Mistress Lasair for driving down from the Plano /
Dallas area to bring new charter masters --- painters, we have some new
charters coming out soon!  Wahoo!  I think you will be very intrigued by
the new masters created by Mistress Lasair, and I am quite indebted to
Lady Maeva for her on the spot painting of one  so that I could have a
beautiful color copy to photocopy and dissiminate.

Other news for scribes who could not make the afternoon scribal meeting:

In our meeting we discussed the scribal handbook that is in the process
of being edited, the scribal chain of communication and possible ways to
strengthen it, and a new office being created concerning the teaching of
original scroll creation and how far along we've come with that.  These
three topics, plus the topic of the quantity of active painters we
currently have in the Kingdom and whether they are active for the
service aspect, the creative art aspect, or both, and how do we promote
both, will be discussed at our next scribal meetings:  Steppes Warlord
and King's College.

 When I first stepped up to this position I sent out an e-mail asking
for individuals interested in creating original achievements and new
charter masters and received a fair number of responses for which I am
very grateful!  Well, I'm putting out the call again!

My first initial push was to get charter painting active and in the
forefront as both a service and the beginning steps to creating original
works. Now let's getting the next part more active - original scroll
work!  So please remember that if you are interested in creating
original achievements and / or new award charters,   I would love to
hear from you!   Moreover, if you are interested in teaching how to do
these areas of original work, I would appreciate hearing from you, too.
I'm very proud of the very talented individuals we have in our Kingdom
and look forward to hearing from you!

In Service to the Kingdom and the Dream,

Baroness Curstaidh Magorlick

(Disclaimer:  all misspellings of names are completely my fault and are
humbly apologized for!)
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