SR - The First Southern Regional Championship Tourney

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed Mar 29 21:33:51 PST 2000

Agh!  As of a week ago, David St. David was saying that the Warlord tourney
would be integrated into your tourney.  In other warlord
tourney...but choosing from yours...


Brian & Pam Martin wrote:

> Greetings All,
> As the time draws near for the first Southern Regional Festival, manyof the
> chivalric fighters may be wondering in format the Southern Regional
> Championship tournament will be fought. Well, wonder no more! The tourney
> will be fought in the style of Crown Tournament, that is; single
> elimination, best two out of three.
> Please don't confuse this tournament with the Southern Regional Warlord
> tournament that is also to be held at the same event. Yes, there will be
> plent of fighting for all! I look forward to seeing a grand list and a great
> turn out.
> Pendaran
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