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David R. Hoffpauir env_drh at
Thu Mar 30 14:30:34 PST 2000

Hello all,

Below is most of the message I sent to HE Pendaran concerning selection
of the SR Warlord at SR Festival.  There was some confusion on the
subject, so I hope this helps.  Any questions, post me privately.

David St. David
env_drh at
Hey Pendaran,

I did toss around the idea for a snow-ball melee.  Problem with the
melee was
limiting it to just folks from the Southern Region.  No guarantee that a
person would win the melee and it seemed kinda un-sporting to ask non-SR
to set out or not be considered.

My idea then is to have an additional sign-up for persons of the SR who
wish to
be considered for the position.  I'll probably have to do some
brow-beating to
get folks on the list, but that's okay.  Those who are 'on the list'
will be
under scrutiny by a panel of judges for both prowess on the tournament
that day and for their reputation as a melee fighter and leader.  The
will consist of the landed nobility from SR and, since there are six
total, a
celebrity tie-breaker (ranking peer/ noble on on site).  This is sorta
keeping with the way past Warlords have been chosen, plus it keeps the
low key.

Overall I guess the driving motive is to avoid winners and a competition
can be won.  Instead I hope to foster a process where one is given the
honor of
being selected on merit by the ranking members of our region to do a
glamorous and oft time difficult job.  So done, we legitimize the
position by a
consensus of our authority and give the Warlord a 'leg up' on any
efforts to
organize the region.

see you Saturday!,

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