ANST-Announce - SR Festival Voice Heraldry Triathlon

Jodi McMaster jodimc at
Thu Mar 30 18:01:41 PST 2000

Just one last reminder--there will be a Voice Heraldry at the Southern
Regional Festival this weekend at Ravensfort.  The first place prize
will be a custom made banner fashioned by Christiana Ivarsdottir.

The first part of the competition will be for distance, in which the
herald must try to get the attention of a fully armored heavy fighter at
the longest distance possible.

The second part will be for speed, making announcements along a prepared
course.  Points for style and clarity will also be given.

The final part will be the Court from Hell, designed by the deliciously
devious Daniel de Lincolia (TM) to try even the most experienced herald.

Please drop by herald's point at 8:00 to sign up if you have not already
notified me that you will be competing.

AElfwyn aet Gyrwum
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