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Lisa M LeChatton llechatton at
Fri Sep 15 06:12:59 PDT 2000

Greetings, good people of Ansteorra,

It is with pleasure that I remind you of the King's Lancer tournament, the 
contest to determine the premier equestrian in the Kingdom, to be held at 
Elfsea Defender on September 23rd, 2000 in Canton, TX.

The Steppes Equestrian Guild will be sponsoring this tournament, and we invite 
all who wish, to help the guild in the running of the games, and in general 
help with the horses' care.  Please contact me to volunteer! (address at the 
end of this missive)

I am also waiting with anticipation to see what our talented people are 
donating to the Crown for equestrian prizes.   If you would like your art or 
wares to gain you word fame at this most prestigious event, please contact me 
to donate an item.

For those authorized advanced riders who wish to compete for the title of 
King's Lancer of Ansteorra, or those authorized beginner and intermediate 
riders who wish to compete in the alternate tournament, please remember the 
registration form that must be completed before the competition. I am posting 
the registration form again in case you missed it.

To date I have reservations for:

Lady Michelle Frazer (4)
Sir Alexis
Lord Patric & Aimée de Long Coeur
Baron & Baroness Steppes
HL Roger Bagley
Annalies Pferdehirt (4)
Gabriele Rene' de Bernard
Lady Edith Cooke

I know I have gotten verbal RSVPs from lots more people but I am such a
dizzy wench it would be best if you just sent me the form so there would be 
space for you and your loved ones.

Don't forget, there is a dedicated horse camp at the event site, and a tavern 
available to those who pre-register to ride or serve on the ground crew.

In Service,
Aimée de Long Coeur
principal, Steppes Equestrian Guild


King's Lancer Registration
Return To:
Email: llechatton at
Fax: 972-226-2707

Tournament List Information:

Rider's SCA Name:
Rider's Mundane Name:
Equine Name:
Equine Owner:
Level of Authorization:

Ground Crew Sign-up:

SCA Name:
Volunteer Time:

Camp Reservation Information:

Mundane Name:
SCA Name:
Number of people in party:
General Sq. Foot "print" required for camp:
Need trailer parking space?:
Number of equines:
Equine names:
Equine Neg. Coggins number and date:
Penning (or picket) and space requirements:
Number of people expected to use the tavern:
Any dietary restrictions:
Any menu suggestions:
Any special requirements:
King's Lancer Contact Info:
Equestrian Stewards:
Aimee & Patric de Long Coeur- llechatton at or 972-226-2665
King's Lancer:
Lady Michelle Fraser - michelle_betenbaugh at or 281-983-5339
Elfsea Defender Stewards:
Lord Daniel Stewart and Lady Siobhanon Ui Niall -
gutridge at or 817-656-1242
Elfsea Defender Web Site:

(Updates will be posted to the Elfsea Defender website and - Ansteorra-Equestrian Group)
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