ANST-Announce - Three Kings

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Thu Sep 21 07:20:10 PDT 2000

Master Richard here again with some more information about Three Kings,
which will be held November 10-12 at the Canton Trade days site.

First I would like to extend an open invitation to all merchants for this
event. There is no merchant fee and you can advertise yourself and a small
list of wares by going to the Three kings website at  Go to Merchants row and fill out some simple
sign up information and the rest of Ansteorra that is on the web will know
you will be selling your wares at Three Kings. I think free advertising is
great! You will need to contact the merchant coordinator, but his
information is also listed on the website. Setup for merchants is going to
be in the traditional shaded area used at Steppes Warlord.


King Edward will provide all archers participating in the battles with 10
arrows or 10 bolts to keep. There is now an archery sign up on the three
kings website. This signup is to show all of Ansteorra how many archers we
really do have and to help in an indication of how many arrows I will need
to make.
IF you have previously told me you were coming to shoot and expect arrows,
please sign up on this list. The response to this motivation has been
wonderful, but I have failed to write down everyone's name. So Please sign
up. I want to make arrows for you whether you are English or French. Go to  

Thank you for your time!

Master Richard Fairbourne
(Edward III)
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