SR - A thank you letter from Brian du Val

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And you did a wonderful job of organizing it all, your Excellency.

Ld. Eirik
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  Good day,
      I want to thank all who attended Defender of the Fort this last weekend. We had several lists and competitions that allowed all to show their skill and ability in chosen field of endeavor. The following is a list of winners of each competition.
      Defender of the Fort         Sir Daffydd Whittaker
      Cavalier of the Fort            Lord Elias McCray
      Artisan of the Fort            Lady Gweneth Blackrose
  The Royal Huntsman Tourney was also held at the stones.  
      The new Royal Huntsman is         Don Sabastian.
  Allot of good people help with several activities at this event. Some in getting the tents up and others in getting the tents put away and others with the competitions them selves.
      I would like to thank lady Jacinth de Warwik and Lady Clarissima for list mistressing the lists on such short notice. They did an outstanding job and I thank them.
      Lord "key" Connor from Bryn Gwlad who organized the water bearing activities for the event. With his assistance the marshals and fighters were refreshed through out the day. GOOD JOB :O)
      Thank you Lord Jean-michel de Meaux for being the Gate Keeper for the event. He did a good job and was focused on his duties.
      Lord Artorious for heralding a fine court and heralds announcements through out the day.
      Thanks to all of Middle Thunder for their assistance in the melee and in clean up of the site and kitchen.
      Most of all I would like to thank the Laurels who guided Lord Ivan the Hedge Hog through the feast Preparations.
      Mistress Meadbh, Mistress Clarissa, Mistress Fiona, and Lady Gweneth, with out whos help we compromising stick jocks would not have had such a wonder full feast to present to the populace.
      And thank you Ivan you silver tongued feastocrat! You did great in short notice and last minute changes.
      With all of that I would like ot thank all the following people for their assistance in what they said was little stuff and no big deal:
      Lizard Keep, House Raven's Thunder, Lord Ragan, Lord Magnus, Lord Cedric and his friends, 
      Lady Gweneth Blackrose, Lady Hrafna, Lord Kathal, Lord Bjarki and all the Kierstead Squires.
      To all  who helped in all that they did I am so sorry that I can not remember everybody. So many people did help.

                                                              Brian du Val  :o)



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