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Imagination - i*mag*i*na*tion - (1) The formation of a mental image of something not real or present. 
(2) Creative power. (3) Resourcefulness.

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a castle is first and foremost a military structure .. this
architectural *abomination* (currently being marketed on many fronts
to recover building costs) is yet-another yuppoid-fantasy creation
(ala disneyland) ... in reality this "castle" is a poorly designed
sham that is 100% facade, that would fall with no real effort from
the least skilled war-neophyte, ergo it's is not a true "castle" in
any sense what-so-ever ... it's only a expensive, modern fantasy prop
. and to call it a "castle" is a affront to a noble architectural

all in all - castle = obsolete concept in the modern world where
dynamic, portable war-tools will always defeat static defenses (study
your military history)   


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* This is the castle.  Desiree and Valharic live in Marble 
* falls.  I think that it's done, now...
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