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<< I think the biggest problem I have with the negative comments made about the
castle is the fact that Castle Falkenstein is a dream of the owners.   The
comments made (expletive) all over that dream. If I am not mistaken (please
correct me if I am wrong), the people who are building the castle play SCA.
How do you know that they haven't seen or heard about the negative comments?
Whether or not they play doesn't really matter though. How would you like it
if you shared a dream of yours with someone and they ripped it apart?
Probably wouldn't like it too much.  We should ALL keep that in mind
whenever we make critical posts to the list.

I have to ask, is every single thing you do/make/say, etc. completely
historically accurate? If not, then your comments are not only rude, but
hypocritical as well.

Sounds to me like maybe someone is a little jealous...

In service to the dream,
Ldy Aleksandra von Drachenklaue
Shire of Ffynnon Gath
Amazon Household

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