[Southern] New SR A&S web site

Carolle cternus at texas.net
Sun Oct 28 16:42:21 PST 2001

Greetings from the Southern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences,
Radegundis Turonensis (Radegund of Tours).


Please take a look at the vrand spankin' new SR A&S web site and give me
your feedback.  The goal of the web site is to assist Southern Regional
artisans with resources, information and publicity. This website can be
a great tool for the SR artisan, but I need information from all those
interested.  The following are items I would like to see on the website
but need input, submissions, etc.

Events page:
SR events, particularly arts events and A&S portion of SR events
Kingdom A&S events and the A&S portions of events in other regions

SR Going’s On page:
Artisan of the Month/Season for those groups with such a program..
Publicizing of SR artisans efforts, by mention, article or picture on
the SR web space.  Local or Kingdom classes given, displays/competitions
Medieval and Renaissance mundane classes, museum exhibits, etc.
(Remember any picture with recognizable person/s in it requires that a
release from those person/s be sent, by email or paper, to me or the SR
Anything arts-related that a SR group or individual would like to

Links page:
A&S pages, scribal pages and the like.

Resources page:
Arts-related articles, research papers, how-to's for specific arts and
for participating in the arts community in Ansteorra (how to judge,
documentation, what do the Ansteorran arts awards mean, how to approach
a entering competition/display/whatever, how to host an arts

Possible Q&A page:
Questions directed to the SR MoAS; regarding office issues and arts
issues, reporting dates,documentation, how do I find someone who
, etc.

Thank you,
Radegundis Turonensis

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