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Sun Feb 10 17:29:08 PST 2002

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Greetings from Radegund of Tours, SR MoAS.

The web site design has changed since last month.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

Thanks to last month's Featured Artisan, Pendaran Glamorgan.  We added more of his poetry as the month continued, so if you haven't read all four, give them a look under the "Previous Featured Artisans" bar.  Pendaran's sonnets were chosen to be a Gulf War artisan entry.

This month's Featured Artisan is Theodora Lachamodraken, also a Gulf War artisan.

The Gulf War Artisan Competitions and Bryn Gwlad's Artisan Competitions were held at Candlemas this past weekend.  Of the 28 entries or alternates going to Gulf War, at least 12 are from the Southern Region -- and 10 of those were from Bryn Gwlad.  The list of entries and artisans can also be found on the web page.  Vivant Southern Regional Artisans!

Content is added gradually, so if there are any cool exhibits, lectures, etc going on in your SCA group or in the mundane world, send me the information.


Radegundis Turonensis
Southern Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences


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