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Mon Jan 14 14:03:12 PST 2002

As a knight in service to my Crown, as a baron in fief
who has sworn to protect the lands I hold from my King
and Queen, and as an officer of rank in the Army of
Heroes, it is my sad and solemn duty to inform each and
every Ansteorran of the fires of war being lit in the
East. Dread Trimaris once again raises her war like
visage and in bitter envy espies the wealth and
goodness of Ansteorra. It is well known that Trimaris
is a low and swampy place inhabited by scaly reptiles
and winged parasites. Those poor folk who by dent of
ill luck have been born into these lands have heard
tale of the riches of Ansteorra. Long have the heard
the tales of our mighty pine forests, of the unending
prairies where we do graze our vast herds, of the
mountains that adorn our land and of the many other
wondrous gifts we so enjoy in abundance. Therefore
does envious Trimaris, like a hydra, rise once again
even more powerful than before and turn her head
westward to war.

For she is more like the hydra of myth than you know,
dear Ansteorra. Know that through cunning and guile,
has Trimaris persuaded Meridies to wholly join her in
dread war. Thus has she grown more powerful. In years
past, when the Lion did grapple with the serpent,
Meridies split her army between the two warring
parties - but this is not to be come spring. No, this
year, all of Merdies, a host huge in number, shall
fight against the Ansteorran Lion. Know you also that
the other great serpent, the dragon from the Middle
Kingdom has found her like and has also sided with
her low dwelling cousin and does fight for Trimaris.
Great will be the enemy in number and in fierceness.

While we can still count upon the support of our right
good and strong allies of Outlands and Calontir, we
face great odds, Ansteorra. The heroes from the
Outlands have a very great journey and a war close to
their own home. Therefore are their numbers are likely
to be small. And while the Calontiri have always stood
beside us, their wall unbreaking and their spears like
an ash forest, we cannot depend on our stout brothers
to fight for us. No, Ansteorra, we must once again
take the field when Mars stalks the southern lands. We
must field a great and terrible army to turn back
this eastern tide.

Our right good and royal King, bold Aaron has held
council with that great general Duke Kein, and has
determined that this fight shall not take place on
Ansteorran soil. We must stem the tide of war before
it reaches our beloved land. Therefore you men and
women of Ansteorra, the fight does fall to us. King
Aaron and Queen Britta call us, we must raise the
host! Gather your households and your servants,
burnish the spear and sharpen the rapier, gather your
stores and load the wagons for your duty is clear.
Strength of arms alone will not win this war - great
service and sacrifice from all will be needed! For
every broadsword and rapier, there must be three men
and woman giving of their time and service to make
their way possible. That is how war is won. Let also
the bards, the poets and the troubadours gather so
the feats of the heroes will be recorded. Let our
artists come forth with fineries and things of beauty
to inspire the army, and to remind Trimaris of
that which they covet, but may not have.

I have come to warn you, great and mighty Ansteorra,
of the task which is before you. A host with warriors
as numerous as the stars comes forth to conquer our
fair land. I beg you all, when the Crown calls forth
Their host, do not wait an instant to join in that
number. For if you do,great will be your sorrow when
the storied heroes return all draped in glory
and in song. For such is the lot of heroes.

I remain in service to my Crown, my Kingdom and my God,
Pendaran, Lord Bryn Gwlad

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