[Southern] Gulf War: Reserving Land in the Ansteorran Camp

TWINOAK@prodigy.net TWINOAK at prodigy.net
Thu Jan 31 12:22:39 PST 2002

Greetings All,

	First, please let me apologize to anyone who
receives multiple copies of this missive. I know that
can be an annoyance, but it is important that this
information reach as many people as possible so that
no one is left out and unable to reserve land in the
Ansteorran encampment at Gulf War.

	Now that the deadline for pre-registration has
arrived (today, 1/31 in case you haven't heard), it is
time to move to the next phase of group land
reservation - collecting names and contacting your
regional coordinators. Here's how this works:

A representative of each group requesting land
(barony, household, shire, etc) must contact the land
coordinator for that group's region with a request for
land (contact information listed below)
If your  group is pan-regional, contact the kingdom
liaison/land coordinator, Sir Pendaran
Group representatives must supply the land coordinator
with the names (mundane & SCA) of everyone in his/her
Everyone in the group must be pre-registered
Include any group pavilion space (such as kitchen or
common areas) in the request. We will try to
accommodate such requests but can not make any
Include any other special requests (such as a wish to
be near another group, near electricity, etc.) in your
request. Again, we will try to accommodate these
requests but can not make any guarantees
Deadline for group land requests in Ansteorra is
Friday, February 22nd. The land coordinators will not
accept new requests for land after this date
If you have any further questions about group land or
anything else regarding the war, contact Sir Pendaran

	Regional Coordinators

	Kingdom/South: Sir Pendaran Glamorgan -
twinoak at prodigy.net
	Coast:		Sir Alexis la Bueche -
drwise at swbell.net
	West: 		Master Rosario -
masterosario at home.com
	Central:	HL Arabella de Mountecute -
arabella at elfsea.net
	North:		HL Robert Fitzmorgan -
fitzmorgan at cs.com

	I thank you all for you patience and support.
It is my goal, and the goal of the outstanding people
who are serving as the regional coordinators to make
each Gulf War as great as it can be for all of you. I
look forward to seeing all of you at the war having
the times of your lives. Now, On to Trimaris!!!!

	Yours in service to Crown and Kingdom,

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