[Southern] From The Knights Marshal

YsfaelEleanor@aol.com YsfaelEleanor at aol.com
Mon Jul 15 22:27:50 PDT 2002

             Greetings all chivalric combatants,
             (Well, the heavy armored ones anyway)
             There are a few changes coming that I would like you all to know

             #1  All thrusting tips are to be RED.  If it isn't red, you
aren't dead, no matter how much it hurts. (smile)

             #2  Half gauntlets in combination with basket hilts will soon be
required for single handed weapons.  The Earl Marshal, Sir Randall, requires
compliance by Crown Tournament in November.

             #3 White diamonds no longer mean "non-contact".  Ansteorra is
adopting the Society standard of the red pheon (sort of arrow shaped) for
non-contact designation.  If you are full contact, and you have a lof of red
on your helm, it is requested that you remove it so that there will be less
confusion on the melee field.  Archers and siege crew who do not have the red
pheons will be considered full contact and MAY call blows accordingly.

             Your local marshals will soon have more details on these
changes.  Thank you.

             Yours in Service,
       Ld. Ysfael Bryndu,  Souther Region Knights Marshal

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