[Southern] Archery, Melees and Drinking oh my...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Oct 7 16:59:32 PDT 2002

Good Morning,

  This coming weekend you can get all three to your content in Bryn

- There will be tournaments on Saturday to determine not only the Baronial
  Chivalric and Rapier Champions, but also the Archery Champion so remember
  to bring your archery equipment.
- There will also be combat archery during the melees that Duke Kein is
  organizing on Sunday. These will include ship and fort battles at the
  wondrous structures provided on the site.
- There will be a meeting of those interested in combat archery during
  a "brewers' tasting" (held during the happy hour) where brewers and
  vintners are invited to show off their wares.
- In addition to the above brewers tasting, there will be libations for
  the Hafla on Friday night, the bardic circle on Saturday night as well
  as the Pirate Party that is being held on the pirate ship after the

  Please come and enjoy our fine Barony this weekend shooting archery,
  fighting melees and drinking our artists' hard work.

  Everyone remember to shoot well and drink responsibly.


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