[Southern] A call to arms, to rally to Henry the Lion!

Bob Dewart gilli at hot.rr.com
Sun Oct 27 16:52:30 PST 2002

I guess I missed it.  Who's playing the 3 Kings this year?


Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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    Fair Greetings to All Who Read These Words,

    Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria does now send his call to
arms throughout the empire to protect that which is rightfully his.
Frederick Barbarossa in fear for his crown and in league with the pope whom
he himself but recently denounced, would seek to lessen good Henry's
domains. Once at war with this pope, Frederick is now at his bidding and
turns against the loyal duke who has long supported him.

    Yet know that the Lion will not stand idly by but will jealously guard
that which is rightfully his! Also know that anyone, be he the emperor
himself, who would tread upon Henry's lands with hostile intent shall well
feel the Lion's might! Therefore does Henry now raise his standard and call
all to him who would fight for justice, for glory or for riches.

    Come ye one and all to the Battle of Three Kings, November 8-10 in
support of the Lion!


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