[Southern] SCA Demo ! ! !

Shane Wallace sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com
Thu Oct 16 01:28:55 PDT 2003

Greetings Unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra,

The Barony of Raven's Fort would like to invite all members of Ansteorra 
  to participate in an SCA Demo. As discussed at the Raven's Fort 
populace meeting, the Huntsville / Trinity  Celtic "Scottish" Festival 
will soon be upon us. To be more precise, the weekend after 
Thanksgiving. We need all members who are interested in participating to 
please contact me as soon as possible. This SCA Demo will be much larger 
than the Carriage Inn Demo. Their will be crowds of people there up to 
3000 from all over Texas. The Festival organizer has invited the SCA to 
participate and has given us a very large section of land to play on. 
There will be camping allow, Bardic Circles, Heavy & Light Fighting, 
Archery, A&S Displays, SCA Merchants, water and electricity hookups, 
modern rest rooms, and other historical groups there as well. The 
Festival people will be running The Highland Games, food and drink 
venders to include Ale, and entertainment "music and dance" groups.  Did 
I mention it's a WET sight? This demo offers a fantastic chance to build 
the baronial and kingdom  populations. Furthermore, most people who 
attend these events have garb and play seriously with other historical 
groups, we could get some serious people /players out of this. So come 
one come all and lend a helping hand in building the game we all love 
and call the SCA! ! !

In Service to the Dream, Kingdom, and Barony,

Lord Malcolm de Crauford
The Barony of Raven's Fort Seneschal
sdwsdw30 at totalzone.com

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